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Enlarge: The Space Patrol holds an infamous space pirate at gunpoint

The Space Patrolmen landed near her on the roof. "You may as well drop the gun, Captain," said one of them. "You're not getting out of here. No sense in making things harder for yourself."

"You're right, Officer," she said, and meekly dropped her pistol. The relieved Patrolmen surrounded her, drew their guns, and pulled off the net. They exchanged confident looks and laughed to one another, although each one of them was privately amazed that they'd pulled it off. These guys, Bonnie thought. I never get enough of 'em. She pulled her visor down and looked as demure as she was able.

"We'll have a transport here before you know it," the first one assured her. "Then it's off to jail for you, Miss." He shook his head. "A lot of people are going to sleep easier tonight," he added.

She smiled at him. "I just know you're right," she said, because that was when her robot bodyguards flew in and sprayed sleeping gas across the whole bunch of the

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