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Enlarge: Parades, marching bands, balloons, and rockets

The fifteen thousand Hoteliers and Tavern Keepers were each wondering the same thing. Like Bonnie, they were confused by the street's end ahead. And like Bonnie, they assumed that everyone else knew what to do, and that they were the only ones who were confused. Each of them put on a confident face and marched steadily forward, waiting to see what the rest of the parade would do when they got there.

Overhead the Space Patrol was intermixed with officers from the Air Safety and Astronautics Association. Those officers knew that the parade had zigged, as it were, when it shouldn't even have zagged. It was supposed to have gone straight ahead until it spilled out into Circle Square, there to gather around the Pi Monument at Number 3.1415926535897932384626434. Radio messages flew back and forth, and the squadron swooped down to get a better look at the parade.

Bonnie, at the forefront of the Hoteliers etc., raised her right hand over her head and touched her left ear. Fifteen thousand hands behind her raised and touched, due to a regrettable industrial accident, fourteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine ears.

Okay, she thought, I can do something with this. She was only the most recent person in history to make the same discover

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