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Enlarge: Captain Scarlet attacks the parade, and is defeated

She wasn't about to give in: oh no, not Bonnie Scarlet. Bonnie made a singlehanded advance on the parade and tried to turn it aside through the sheer force of her will, which was considerable. But even Bonnie couldn't stand in the way of a parade. She plowed into its vanguard, and, to her surprise, she stayed there. The motion of the fifteen thousand marchers turned her in her tracks and as a result Bonnie found herself leading the parade, which was now headed directly toward the Experimental Research District, precisely where she was determined not to go.

Divide, Delay, Distract, she thought. Her whole method of Mob Management was based on the idea that she was being pursued by people who wanted to catch up to her. Just now, though, she was riding the crest of a gigantic wave that had no idea she even existed. Her mind worked at the problem.

This street, as it happened, had no more cross streets to offer: it continued in a broad channel straight toward its end at the edge of the District. Nonetheless she tried sidling right and left to see if she could affect the crowd. They didn't change direction but they did, she saw, start swaying from side to side in rhythm with her. She looked upwards: her grappling missiles weren't going to do much good through the bobbing flock of balloons overhead. Interestingly, the crowd behind her looked up, too, in a wave of looking uppedness that passed from the parade's head to its tail.

Up above the balloons Bonnie could see a squadron of Space Patrol rockets circling overhead. They're surveying the area, she realized. I guess it's just as well I'm in a crowd.

She wondered what the parade was going to do when it reached the dead end at the District's border. She couldn't know, of course, that this wasn't part of the parade's route. She just wondered what would happen when they got ther

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jimster says:
February 27th, 2012 at 8:53 pm

chaos, of course. chaos will ensue when a system meets an obstacle it’s not programmed for!

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