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Enlarge: The King of the Robots puts Bonnie back on the city streets

The Myrmidon guided Bonnie's cargo sled down to the city streets. It suggested that she debark.

"We'll meet again," she promised it.

"That may or may not happen," it told her. "But you will find your cargo sled at this location..." it indicated a map on its forearm display. " two hours. Your retainers, if they choose to do so, will also meet you there." The Lugs stood motionless on either side.

"In the meantime I recommend that you make for the Experimental Research District. The Patrol may be reluctant to pursue you there."

As the cargo sled glided skyward, Bonnie glared up at the robot. "You tell that thing I'm not playing its game!" she shouted. "And you'd better watch yourself, too - look what it's done to me!"

The Myrmidon nodded. "And yet each of us has struck our bargain with it anyway," it observed. "Good luck to you, Captain."

Bonnie watched until it was less than a dot in the busy skies of Retropolis. "Yep, thanks a bunch," she finally sai

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