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Enlarge: The Space Patrol flies after Bonnie Scarlet on their hovercar

It was about time to take the high ground, so Bonnie found an elevator tube that could take her to the roof. It was a long ascent. She wasn't pleased that she couldn't keep an eye on that hovercar, but she didn't have a choice.

By the time she reached the roof she was alone in the elevator, so Bonnie sensibly pulled her pistol and edged out from the elevator door.

Well, there was the hovercar: it had been ascending too, unfortunately. One of the Patrolmen onboard pointed her way and it swooped toward her with a menacing wobble. It looked like they had her dead to rights.

Bonnie took what cover there was. Hadn't they heard about all the other times their crews had tried to shoot it out with her?

They didn't seem to care, and Bonnie found out why when they dropped a heavy cargo net over her. She found herself dragged to the rooftop. It was as much as she could do just to keep her hold on her gu

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