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Enlarge: In the soaring pedestrian walkways of the retro future

Bonnie made her decision in an instant. The hovercar was the problem now: the rest of the Patrolmen had been left far behind. She dove into the entryway of a market tower and found herself at once in the middle of a crowd. Well done, she thought, and wormed her way through them to an elevator tube.

The tube lifted her into a warren of shops and theaters, several stories high. She exited and made for one of the exterior walkways: she still didn't want to get pinned down in here. High above the streets she moved casually among the shoppers and tourists who were going from building to building along the skyways that hung above the streets. Far below she could see the hovercar drop half its passengers at the building entrance and take flight again: lighter and faster now, she saw. The Patrolmen on the ground swarmed into the building while the hovercar circled and looked for her on the outside.

They were bound to get reinforcements soon. Well, so was she.

Bonnie forced her way through the crowd ahead of her, getting some puzzled looks as she went, and entered a building across the street from the one she'd entered.

Divide and delay, she noted. The pursuers she cared about were now reduced to fiv

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