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Enlarge: From high above, Bonnie keeps an eye on the Space Patrol

By the time the mob of Space Patrolmen came 'round the corner after her, Bonnie had disappeared from view. They regrouped and split into three companies. One ran straight along the street, while each of the other two peeled off on a side street. Bonnie nodded approvingly. Divide was always dependable. From her vantage on the face of one of the buildings she watched them scout along in all directions.

All except up, anyway, she grinned. But she'd have to get out of here before any of them turned around. She examined her options.

Going farther up was out of the question: they could isolate her on the side of the building and approach from below. She dropped lightly from handhold to handhold till she reached ground level, then took shelter in a doorway. The Patrolmen were getting farther away down the street. Bonnie started to backtrack her way to the corner but ran out of luck before she'd reached it: a yell from behind told her that the Patrolmen had finally wised up. She broke from cover and began to run again.

One third of the mob was closer than she liked. But, of course, she was only marking tim

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