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Enlarge: The Space Patrol, though not at its best, rises to the occasion

Somewhere in time and space there's a town where once a year a group of eager young men run crazily through the streets, pursued by another group of eager young bulls. No one denies that it's dangerous: but they do it anyway. For some reason it seems to prove to them that they - and here, of course, we refer to the men - are alive. No one has ever asked the bulls what they think about it, which would certainly be a big surprise to anybody who was not a bull.

This striking image of running, stumbling men charging through the streets just ahead of the running, sure-footed bulls is almost exactly the opposite of the scene in Retropolis that day.

The running, stumbling Space Patrolmen were actually trying to overtake the bulls, and by 'the bulls', of course, what we mean is the most notorious pirate captain in the Solar System. They were doing their best to sober themselves up because if anyone knew exactly how notorious she was, and for what reasons, precisely, it would be a sober Space Patrolman.

Although none of them was that particular Patrolman at the moment they were all trying to reach someone who might be that particular Patrolman on their radios. They were all trying to do this at the same time.

So between the stumbling and the running and the attempts to call somebody who was sober there was a great deal of confusion in the mob that was chasing Bonnie. But as confused as it might be, it was still a proble

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