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Enlarge: Bonnie Scarlet suspects the worst, and is not far wrong

Bonnie Scarlet didn't like any part of this. Her instincts were screaming at her to get as far from the Clockwork Book as possible. It definitely had some kind of plan in mind and she was certain that whatever that plan was, she wasn't going to like it. But when the time came - exactly fifteen minutes after she'd struck her bargain with the Book - she stepped through the hidden door and out onto the city streets.

That, she thought, is about as far as I go along with you.

The Revenge wasn't in orbit. She'd left it far away, hovering on the far side of the Moon; but she had other assets. Bonnie sent out a signal on her private band. That would arrange her rendezvous and, shortly afterward, her escape. She only had to wait here.

This, however, turned out to be impossible. Just as she was studying the bar across the way its doors opened and let loose a flood of off-duty Space Patrolmen who moved unsteadily, if cheerfully, out into the street. Bonnie turned her face away and walked carelessly away from them. This was a sound tactic, she knew, except for the fact that she'd left them with a clear view of an aspect of Bonnie that seemed to appeal to them.

A low wolf whistle echoed in the quiet street. Bonnie heard the horde of tipsy Patrolmen do their best to saunter accidentally after her.

Well, she decided, at least it's nice that I know where they are. She stayed in front of them - which, for the moment, seemed to be their plan, too - and made her way toward her rendezvou

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