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Enlarge: About banks: their employees, and the difficulty of same

It did not surprise Osgood - though it may surprise others - that Noodles and Meatball were waiting for him when he came back from the bank. "Those fools!" he grumbled. "They don't even know who I am. There's nobody left there who knew me. They kept asking me for some kind of identity card."

If anything, Noodles and Meatball looked even more disappointed than Osgood felt. "Well," they consoled him, "the kind of people you that work in them banks is always making life very difficult for them that wants to take stuff out." The two exchanged a look.

"Okay, then," said Noodles. "Meatball and me, we would like to express our regrets that you are not able to get your valuable property out of the bank. It is very painful for us that we are not able to help you do that. But that being the water which is now under the bridge, we think we should go back to our airship now."

"Please don't!" Osgood pleaded. "If you'll just wait until tonight, I can take my things out of the bank."

Silence fell.

"Their security measures are quite primitive," he explained. "I would never ask you to go in there with me, but I can easily get in, reclaim my property, and be out again in perfect safety. Then, if you'll help me load my goods, I can be on my way."

Noodles and Meatball seemed doubtful at first. How would Osgood manage to get into the bank, exactly? So he explained what he had in mind, and the two enthusiastically agreed not only to help, but even to accompany him into the vaults. The three friends had a fine, late lunch and then waited for the fall of nigh

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