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Enlarge: Noodles and Meatball guard Osgood's airship in the outskirts of town

His new friends decided that they should proceed in Osgood's airship, so they carefully tied theirs down and covered it with branches and shrubbery 'to keep the Sun off', as Meatball explained. Noodles seemed to be studying Osgood, who now set their course for the town where his old workshop had been.

"We are very well acquainted with priceless objects, that being a sort of interest that Meatball and I share. We are wondering what this priceless thing of yours is. There is a good chance that we have heard about it before in the course of our business, because we are a couple of fellows what has traveled far and wide."

"I don't see how that's possible," Osgood told him. "I left it behind years ago and I expect it's simply been gathering dust since then. No, you won't have heard of it, I'm sure."

Noodles agreed that this seemed unlikely but he wanted to know anyway, and, for that matter, he wondered where this object might be. Osgood, downcast, confessed that he wasn't sure where it was - but that most of the possessions he'd left behind were in safety deposit at his old bank.

"The bank," said Meatball. He and Noodles traded a look.

"Tell you what, said Noodles. "You are to go to the bank where you will look for your stuff. Meatball and me, however, are feeling very concerned about your airship, which you would be leaving there all alone. You would not believe the sorts of people who hang around outside of banks. It is beyond questionable, believe you me. Then once you have your priceless object in hand, we will help you to get it home."

Osgood was grateful that they'd be able to help him. The landscape had changed so much that he wasn't sure of the way. Noodles and Meatball carefully guided him into town and, as promised, stood guard on his airship while he went to the ban

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