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Enlarge: Gwen becomes an ambassador to the court of the Robot King

The King stared down at Gwen. "Have you brought me tribute?" he demanded.

"I have not," said Gwen. "That would not have been appropriate; I'm not one of your subjects. But I have brought you a gift."

She reached into her pouch and pulled something out at random. "This," she said, "this is a... remarkable melodic device that was given to me by a great scientist." It was the music player her uncle Cornelius had given her for her birthday. She placed it solemnly on the platform before the King.

"It is somewhat small," he replied, "but its craftsmanship is exquisite. Your gift is acceptable to me." He crossed his arms over his chest. "But why are you not one of my subjects? Do you deny my right to rule?"

Gwen tried to look dignified. "I have come as the emissary of the human people of Retropolis," she told the King. "We want to establish an embassy at your Court."

"Has your own King sent you to me?" asked the Myrmidon.

Gwen looked down. "Oh no, your Majesty. We haven't had a King for quite some time. There are plenty of stories about the Kings of the old days, though."

The Myrmidon stared down at her with his unblinking, glowing eyes. "Woman, tell me about these Kings.

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