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Enlarge: Two mysteries are solved, sort of, by a procession of robots

"Well," breathed Gwen, "I guess we know where the Lugs have been going." Rusty nodded.

The procession of robots continued past them: two hundred steely feet pounding the earth in unison. That poor grass! thought Gwen. No wonder it's terrified!

She let the Lugs get ahead and motioned Rusty forward. The two of them walked out onto the ruined plain and trailed after the crowd of robots.

Most of the Lugs were carrying what looked like old, discarded machinery - all sorts, from radios to control consoles to... well, that one looked like a dishwasher. Lugs were immensely strong, Gwen knew. They must have been gathering this stuff up all day and bringing it out here, one by one, until they'd united as a river that was now rolling onward... to what?

Rusty glanced her way and pointed ahead. He sprinted alongside the trail toward the head of the mob. Well, okay, she decided, and went after him.

They passed the foremost Lugs and followed the trail beyon

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