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Enlarge: Big Headed Guy and the Big Ball of Doom

So as it turned out everyone was yelling: the Patrolman was yelling at Lew and Gallegher, who were yelling at each other, and Big Headed Guy was yelling at them all, or at least that's how Lew chose to see it even though BHG had been yelling at him personally all day now.

In the middle of all that yelling Big Headed Guy removed the chains from Lew's rocket: he seemed to be determined to get the Big Ball of Doom away from Lew. All things considered, this seemed okay. Everybody but BHG ran out of steam. They just watched him reel in the Big Ball of Doom while he continued to jabber at them: then they found themselves watching nothing at all because Big Headed Guy and the Big Ball of Doom, with a final shout, winked out of existence and left them hanging alone in space.

"Friend of yours?" asked the Patrolman.

Lew started to wonder whether dropping the Big Ball of Doom into the Sun had been a good idea, after all. But he had to get moving.

He was late for his appointment with Professor Zappencackle

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