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Enlarge: Big Headed Guy has a thing or two on his really big mind

They couldn't get very close to the Sun, of course. But Lew figured that if they just gave the Big Ball of Doom a shove in the right direction, well, the Sun's gravity would take care of the rest. The two rockets maneuvered together into a roll. Lew told Gallegher to be ready to cut the ball loose on command.

"Hey, Lew?" said Gallegher. "I can't reach the chains from in here."

This was perfectly true. Lew's cockpit canopy was doing a swell job of keeping their air in, and the rest of the universe out, but it also kept them inside. The Big Ball of Doom and its chains, on the other hand, were outside.

The only one of them with a space suit was the Patrolman, who was maneuvering his rocket alongside Lew's and couldn't exactly get out at the moment.

The three of them were mostly yelling at each other about this when there was a dramatic light display outside, and Big Headed Guy showed up.

Lew had forgotten all about Big Headed Guy, but BHG had definitely remembered Lew: he was still shouting in that language that Lew didn't know. At least two things about that were odd: first, Lew could hear him even though Big Headed Guy was floating in space. Second, Big Headed Guy was floating in space. He'd just sort of... shown up out ther

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