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Enlarge: The Space Patrol comes to the rescue

"You fellas having a little trouble there?" asked a voice over Lew's radio. "Hey!" cried Gallegher. "It's just like the recruiting posters!"

A lone Space Patrol rocket was drawing close to them. "Yes!" Lew answered. "Can you give us a tow into the Sun?"

Everybody needed a moment to think that one over. Eventually, as the Space Patrolman pulled alongside them, Lew heard "I don't think anyone's ever asked me that before, pal. You're not feeling despondent at all, are you?"

So Lew explained the situation as quickly as he could.

Gallegher had been right: just as the recruiting posters promised, the Space Patrolman took the news that the world was about to end with grace and confidence. He climbed out of his cockpit and lashed the two rockets together: when he'd gotten back in, he and Lew accelerated together and their combined engines gave them enough thrust to counteract the pull of the Ball Full of Doomsday. They set out again toward the Sun.

"So your plan," said the patrolman over the radio, "would be to launch this thing into the Sun because you figure the Sun's big enough to eat the... the gizmo, right?"

Lew allowed that this was true.

"Are you sure about that?" came back. "I'm just wondering whether this thing might eat the Sun, instead, which seems like sort of a problem to me."

"Sure!" said Gallegher. "We know what we're doing." He looked at Lew. "Don't we?"

Lew wasn't completely sure. "Well," he said, "I sort of figured 'in for a penny, in for a pound', you know?

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Tom W. Russell says:
September 28th, 2011 at 2:22 pm

SEE! That’s what I said. Smart points to the Space patrolman. (sry for the double post earlier.)

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