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The web site versions of the Thrilling Tales are free... but if you'd like to help support them - by which I especially mean more of them - or even if you just want to have a little bit of the retro future for your very own, consider these fine ideas:

The Complete Files of the Retropolis Registry of Patents

“...It's all lighthearted fun and wild invention, but Schenck takes a serious turn in the final story, which brings touching depth to his main characters. A great follow-up to Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom (2017).”

“'s up to Ben Bowman and his robot assistant, Violet, to deal with breakaway floating labs, an eruption of mole people, outbreaks of blue slime, time machines and doorways to other dimensions as they attempt to save Retropolis from a spirit of innovation gone mad.”

Patently Absurd - cover image Six stories - forty illustrations - 260 pages
A novel of Retropolis

"...This novel gave me a happy buzz. Remember when SF used to be upbeat and fun? Well, the fun is back and it's right here."

"...a madcap mash-up of retro-sf, full of fearless heroes and heroines dashing about like Flash Gordon meets the Keystone Cops."

"Like a madcap retro-tech collaboration by Terry Pratchett and Isaac Asimov. I loved it!"

That's 66% Madcap! Order your copy from:
Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom - cover image 21 Illustrated Chapters of Adventure
A Tale of Privacy & Adventure from the Future That Never Was

The Clockwork Book’s lair lies far beneath the city of Retropolis, in the world of the Future That Never Was. As far as anybody knows, it’s always been there – slowly collecting the stories, the ideas, and the secrets of its visitors, and then sharing them with those who come after.

Get a print copy from: Amazon
Or an eBook:
Amazon Kobo Barnes & Noble
The Lair of the Clockwork Book - cover image Over 120 illustrations - in print or as an eBook
A branching story with full color illustrations on every page

Thrill to the adventures of the Future That Never Was in this interactive, full color illustrated tale of the retro future: it’s the story of a rocket pilot, a civil servant, and the most malevolent kitchen appliance ever to stalk the lands of Retropolis—the Toaster With TWO BRAINS!

With full color illustrations on every page, you’ll be able to choose which character to follow and what they’ll do in this book.

Get a print copy from: Amazon
Trapped in the Tower of the Brain Thieves - cover image Choose which character to follow and direct their story
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Art of the Retro Future Celtic Design Shirts & Books

On the other hand... maybe you've read the web version and liked it, but you don't really want it as a book. It could happen.

Then you might also like to know that at my Retropolis site I offer T-shirts, posters, prints, business cards, coffee mugs, blank books and lots of other things, all featuring my art of the retro future.

Have a look!

And beyond that... well, I've also designed another line of t-shirts and hoodies, blank books, posters, archival art prints, business cards and other merchandise all decorated with celtic art designs. Those are at The Celtic Art Works.

Then there are other widely assorted ventures like, say, The Non-Conformists Union, Local 404, or Hot Wax Tees. there's just no telling what I might get up to. If you want to know the latest you can usually find me at my Webomator blog.

Your Blog or Web Site Can Support the Tales, Too

The very best recommendations come from those we know and trust - so if you have your own blog or web site, and you do enjoy the Thrilling Tales, please share that with your readers!

Posting about the Tales is one thing - and a great thing, mind you - but your site can also display a banner or a Derange-O-Lab widget like the The Incredible Portable Personal Title-O-Tron - your site's very own version of the massive Title-O-Tron found here in the Derange-O-Lab.

The Personal Title-O-Tron is sleek and sidebar-sized, but it packs the same awesome power as the gigantic original device... so it can crank out those random Pulp Science Fiction titles all day and all night long, no matter what the giant robots are doing outside.

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