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Enlarge: Some of the major employers of Retropolis

Some of the major manufacturers in Retropolis are The Ferris Moto-Man Corporation, Ray-O-Zap Industries, and Volto-Vac.

Ferriss Moto-Men need no introduction, of course: although it's far from being a monopoly, Ferriss Moto-Men are the most popular robots on the market. Since the wide adoption of Big Lugs by industry and for home use the Ferriss Corporation has been on one long streak of success.

This has turned the Ferriss Moto-Man Corporation into a major employer for mechanical people - though not, so much, for human beings.

Tours of their manufacturing plants are often open to the public and are quite instructive. Consult your local Retropolis Travel Bureau office for a current schedule.

Ray-O-Zap Industries is still the pre-eminent manufacturer of all kinds of batteries even though they have now branched out into the production of tools and appliances. They have not one but several production facilities within the city alone - and we're not even counting their factories and research facilities elsewhere!

Likewise with one of their main competitors, Volto-Vac. Volto-Vac started as a manufacturer of vacuum tubes and still commands the lead in that growing industry even though Volto-Vac, like Ray-O-Zap, has since diversified into other fields.

The two giants carry on a healthy competition and are among the largest employers in Retropoli

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