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Enlarge: The all new Pneumatic Tube Transport Network

Those famous monorails aren't the only system that's offered by the Retropolis Transit Authority: Transit engineers are always experimenting with novel systems that often expand into new, complete transportation systems. One recent example is the new Pneumatic Tube Network.

Tube transport is familiar to anyone who's ever mailed a letter with one of the city's mail boxes. You drop your parcel into a waiting pod, press a button, and see it whisk away through the pressurized postal system. But now! Now, you can take that same speedy and exhilarating ride through a larger, Transit Authority network!

Tube portals are conveniently placed in many areas of Retropolis, at street level, for the use of pedestrians. Simply enter the pod and type your destination: you'll hear that exciting whoosh of the closing doors and feel the tremendous acceleration when your pod enters the main trunk line; air pressure builds up behind your speedy vessel and throws you at astonishing speed through the glassy tubes that span the city. The system's so new that your friends and neighbors are not likely to have seen it for themselves - so you can be the firs

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DBL says:
July 21st, 2012 at 3:25 am

it’s not the whoosh… It’s the sudden stop!

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