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Enlarge: The bright lights and raucous cheers of the chess fans at Chatrang Stadium

The annual competition of the Retropolis Association of Chessplayers pits mind against mind in a cerebral contest of wills, framed by the ancient and complicated game of chess. The rankings on the Association's list are hotly contested by brainiacs (and brains!) from Retropolis and beyond.

Visitors are entranced by the contest - a major event! - and they enjoy not only the sport but its trappings, since each of the players wears brightly colored advertisements for their corporate sponsors, and they often shout the company's slogans when they win. What a racket!

In all, the Chess Competition is a loud and lively affair that - for some - may be an unwelcome assault on their senses. But that's chess for you: and there's no mistaking the enthusiasm of the fans!

The audience is mainly confined to the great stadium, on the ground level, and that's where you'll find the most raucous cheers, the trumpets and noisemakers, and the wildest excesses that chess enthusiasts are known for while they follow the games live on huge televideo screens. A select few are admitted to the upper galleries where the actual contests take place. Here, a little more decorum is in evidence and it's here, should you be lucky enough to be invited, that you'll get a close up view of the chess masters as they compete - head to head, or tube to tube, or anything and everything in between.

There are many more events and attractions throughout the year: we can only offer a partial list of events in these pages. We encourage you to contact your local Retropolis Travel Bureau office for the current calendar, and remember: make your plans well in advanc

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