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Enlarge: The Civilian Conservation Corps and 'Trees for Tomorrow'

Another popular - and far less dangerous - event is the "Trees for Tomorrow" exhibition by the Retropolis Civilian Conservation Corps. This show highlights the Corps' constant work in reforestation projects and in other environmental efforts - like the ongoing project to restore the North American Great Plains to their prehuman state.

The Civilian Conservation Corps is an organization of which Retropolitans are most proud. The Corps identifies old cities and towns whose populations have migrated to Retropolis and to its satellite communities, and then undertakes to remove all evidence that those towns and cities ever existed. It's to the Corps that we all owe the restored forests of the world, so vital to maintaining the atmosphere of the planet.

As Retropolis has grown, its Greenbelts and agricultural districts have gradually attracted people from older, isolated rural communities. "How you Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?" used to be a popular song; but Why..., these days, is by far a better question - unless that farm is one of the thriving ones in the new Greenbelts! Keeping produce nearer to the population center is one important way to reduce all kinds of costs of its delivery.

So once a year the Retropolis Civilian Conservation Corps celebrates its achievements and identifies the new targets of its programs. Go get 'em, we sa

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DBL says:
June 26th, 2012 at 11:28 pm

“..identifies the new targets of its programs.” My great State of Florida is next…..Please! 🙂

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