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Enlarge: Hotels for Artists or Robotic Persons, and - for the thrifty - Tubular Belle's

Things are a bit more quiet across town at the Ars Futurismus. The Ars appeals to visiting painters and sculptors, who often host "Art Glides" in which the interested visitor can tour their workplaces and meet with the artists. The Ars is a favorite among those travelers who come to Retropolis with more sophisticated things in mind.

The Union of Robotic Persons
And Retropolis hasn't forgotten its mechanical people, either - not for a moment!

Though our robotic friends are welcome at any hotel in the city they often choose to stay at the League Bays, an establishment owned by the Retropolis Fraternal League of Robotic Persons.

It was originally meant to host visiting League officials. In recent years, though, the Bays have opened up to welcome robotic persons from all walks of life, in keeping with the League's philosophy and aims. Accommodations are spartan but efficient, and are sterilized continuously in the League's famous Clean Room style.

And at last: for visitors on a tight budget there's no better choice than downtown's Tubular Belle's. Pods are available for either short term or long term storage - the record is currently held by an anonymous guest who has been sleeping there continuously for over thirty-five years!

Guests at Belle's enjoy refreshing sleep in tubes fitted with sonic showers, so that guests' clothing - as well as the guest! - is clean and fresh at the dawn of a new day. Or, as we mentioned, of a new decade.

Awakened by Belle's staff, visitors enjoy a complementary breakfast and are briefed on recent history, if necessary. Belle's is an historic fixture on the Retropolitan scene and a fond friend to the regular, thrifty travele

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