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Enlarge: Five Star and Commuting Hotels of Retropolis: close to the monorails!

Most of us, though, have dropped our own luggage off at another hotel before we spend an hour admiring the view at the Palace of Paramagnetism.

And what choices we have!

There are so many fine hotels in Retropolis that it simply isn't possible to list them all. Just around and about the convention centers you'll find the famous Tycho Arms, the Dymaxion Domes, and the lesser known Dreyfuss House, often recommended by Retropolitans to their visiting friends and family.

On the outskirts of the Experimental Research District you'll find specialized lodgings for visiting scientists who have special requirements - like blast-proof suites and "no questions asked" assistance with their ongoing projects. (Note: it is not recommended that the casual traveler patronize these establishments!)
Insterstellar Gulf: That Good Gulf Gas!
Hotels with a more scenic (and less explosive) view abound along the monorail system, allowing visitors to hop easily across the city and back again when their day's adventures are done.

These commuting hotels have their own specialties. The Pair of Wings, for example, caters to the racing crowd (and fans!).

At the Pair of Wings there are extensive hangars and workshops that are sure to appeal to the professional racer or enthusiast. Some racers even maintain their permanent workshops on the premises! It's not unusual to catch a glimpse of famous rocketeers like Henry Hall or Nat Gonella, each of them tinkering with his own racer before a competitio

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Kyllein F. MacKellerann says:
July 11th, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Gulf gasoline… so it finally came back, at least in Retropolis.

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