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Enlarge: Gwen concludes her audience with the Robot King

The Lugs all stood motionless, waiting for instructions from their King. The King himself had come to a stop in the middle of his platform. He seemed deep in thought.

"Of course," Gwen temporized, "I don't know what kind of King you are. Maybe you're one of the good ones."


"Um, anyway," said Gwen, "I congratulate you on your, um, reign, and I should probably return to the city. Having delivered my gift. And all."

Still, nothing. Gwen made another bow and backed out of the room. She heard a voice rumble behind her. The Lugs began to stir. Now out of sight, she raced up the stairs.

Gwen was running at full speed when she made it to the bunker. She didn't slow down. She blasted out through the doorway... and into a massive net of steel cables.

"Well, well," said Harry Roy. "It looks like we've bagged ourselves a doll."

Gwen had no idea what was going on, but she laughed in relief when she saw Rusty. He was struggling to free one corner of the net.

A woman in an Air Safety uniform pitched in to help, so by the time Gwen heard the heavy tramp of the Lugs coming up from below she was free of the net and standing hopefully with the rest. People in Ferris Moto-Man uniforms were refastening the net and holding open the hatches of several large transports. The first of the Lugs came stomping through the doo

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