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Enlarge: How to cope with emergencies during your visit to Retropolis

Now... what' s the worst that could happen?

Any traveler should be prepared for misadventure. Venturing into the Experimental Research District is the primary hazard to tourists (just don't do it!) - but in any place you visit, it's still possible that you may become ill, or be injured.

Not a problem!

Simply ask for assistance and you'll be whisked off to a clinic - or even to the Loewy Medical Center - where an attentive staff will deal with your illness or injury.

The helpful encanted brains if the Bel Geddes InstituteThe doctors and nurses of the Loewy Center are highly trained professionals with extensive, hands on experience. It's safe to say that nothing can happen to you during your visit to Retropolis that these capable workers will not have seen and treated, many times before.

And for those very rare cases, the Center is linked by televideo to the encanted experts whose brains reside, on call, at the Bel Geddes Neurological Institute. You could not be in better hands!

For other emergency situations we invite you to call on the Retropolis Travel Bureau at any of our many kiosks and offices throughout the city.

And never forget that the city itself is patrolled by the helpful Peace Officers of the Air Safety and Astronautics Association. They're here to hel

Reader Comments
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Janice says:
February 7th, 2013 at 3:39 am

You’ve warned against visiting the Experimental Research District enough times that, though it’s been years since I was a plucky 11-year-old, I feel compelled to venture in. Any advice?

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