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Enlarge: Part One: Lodging, Food & Drink

One of the first questions you'll ask yourself once you've found your bearings in Retropolis is "Where shall I stay while I'm here?"

Our Retropolis Travel Bureau kiosks and centers throughout the city can guide you to nearby lodging. All you need to know to begin is that whatever your circumstances, and whatever your means, the City of Tomorrow has just the lodging you're looking for!

For the discerning visitor Retropolis offers five star, luxurious accommodations with full bellhop and maid services, restaurants and shopping, and complementary chauffeured hovercraft to take you straight to that formal evening event - or off to your night on the town.

Probably the most famous of these exclusive hotels is the Palace of Paramegnetism. The Palace floats majestically over its lobby and it's a favorite destination for tourists even if they're only able to admire it from the outside.

Above its streamlined porte-cochere and the admitting desk the hermetically sealed Palace is only accessible to its patrons and their guests, except for those teasing glimpses we often see in newsreels and interviews. What a spectacl

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